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Our parents often ask us to ‘fix’ their Hotmail accounts, to help them understand what Writing on a Wall is and to explain what on earth Twitter is. We, feeling quite proud of ourselves in the process, take some of our time to sit down and help them. Seems like a sweet little scenario..

Until… They ask us something we’ve just explained a total of 5 seconds ago, or they ask something we think was so obvious, it didn’t even need mentioning. We start to answer them in a more agitated and condescending manner. Our frustration spikes through our words and we find ourselves wanting to rush through it so we can get on with our more important errands of the day. We try hard not to utter the word ‘Uff’ out loud but it runs through our minds a few hundred times.

But just like all kids, we were once curious and we asked A LOT of questions! About things like aeroplanes and squirrels. We’d badger them non-stop. We’d ask ‘but why?’ after every sentence they said. Our mothers smiled at us, kissed us on the forehead and answered our pestering questions. Our fathers taught us how to make paper aeroplanes. Our mothers and fathers took us for walks in the park to find these apparently fascinating squirrels. 

Yet we can’t answer them with decency and respect when they ask us a few more questions than we would like.

Since the day we were born, our mothers tended to our every need even when we cried our eyes out and they didn’t even know what we were crying for. They fed us when we were hungry, they played games with us, they sacrificed going anywhere to stay home with us.
Our fathers provided for us throughout our lives, taught us maths so we’d get good grades, listened to us go on about the new facts we learnt at school.

Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala says in the Quran:

“We have instructed man to honour his parents.” (29:8)

Let’s remember to give them the respect they deserve. To never give them a less than loving tone. To help them with anything and everything they need because even if we do this, we still wouldn’t come close to matching all that they’ve done for us.

I think the latest score is still —> Parents infinity ∞ – Kids 0 but we can try to please them and make them happy for as long we live InshAllah.


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