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It’s incredibly unfortunate that we as Muslims have become so judgmental of our brothers and sisters, when this trait is the complete opposite of what fits the true Islamic personality.

We’ll judge those who don’t dress ‘as modestly as us’. Sisters wearing hijab will shoot disapproving stares at sisters not wearing hijab as they enter the prayer room. We’ll look down on those who have headphones on all day, muttering ‘Istaghfurallah’ under our breaths.

These people are lost causes, they’ll never be guided. They won’t accept the deen like we have, because we’re so righteous? Because we guided ourselves, we brought ourselves to the deen? No! Let’s stop thinking we are better than others. We were given a gift from Allah, He gave us an opportunity to get closer to Him, and allowed us to take it.

We only see what is on the outside, people’s appearance. Therefore our negative opinions of others are baseless assumptions. And often these assumptions and suspicions lead to backbiting, that is, speaking ill of another person behind his or her back. And I already posted an article about gossiping last month. But backbiting can also be in the unspoken form, by just having these ill opinions of others.

But Allah (swt) can see what is on the outside and inside, the apparent and the hidden. Only He knows their sincerity and what is in their hearts. It could be that Allah wants to veil their goodness from others. These ‘non-hijabi’ sisters may be more sincere than all of us put together, and hold higher ranks in Allah’s eyes.  Brothers with headphones on may be listening to Quran all day for all we know. And even if they are not, this does not mean that they won’t be guided or that they are so ‘far from Allah (swt)’. Our stares and attitudes towards them will only drive them out of the prayer rooms and Masjids or worse still, drive them away from the deen.

Instead of judging others, why don’t we try to help each other. And I don’t mean by using harsh words and calling people haram! I mean, if we think someone can improve in one way or another, we can tell them gently without being condescending, show them that we care for our brothers and sisters in Islam. We can tell them we’re also trying to improve in that aspect so they don’t feel they’re being judged and it’ll show that we’re all in a path towards Allah together, and we should help each other to do so. Our Ummah should be one strong bond; holding us together, not weak; turning us against each other.

Before we start to judge anyone, whether they are Muslim or not, we should look at ourselves first. I’m sure we can all find plenty of things we need to work on in our hearts, minds and deen, starting with this tendency to judge others.

The meat of the matter is, we are all waiting for that one Judgement Day, where every one of us will be judged. But we will be judged by our Creator, at the end of Dunya. So we have no right to judge people before they have  even left this life. Let’s  leave judgement only to Allah (swt).

May Allah forgive us for any judgments we have made on others and help us to purify our hearts and minds.


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Our parents often ask us to ‘fix’ their Hotmail accounts, to help them understand what Writing on a Wall is and to explain what on earth Twitter is. We, feeling quite proud of ourselves in the process, take some of our time to sit down and help them. Seems like a sweet little scenario..

Until… They ask us something we’ve just explained a total of 5 seconds ago, or they ask something we think was so obvious, it didn’t even need mentioning. We start to answer them in a more agitated and condescending manner. Our frustration spikes through our words and we find ourselves wanting to rush through it so we can get on with our more important errands of the day. We try hard not to utter the word ‘Uff’ out loud but it runs through our minds a few hundred times.

But just like all kids, we were once curious and we asked A LOT of questions! About things like aeroplanes and squirrels. We’d badger them non-stop. We’d ask ‘but why?’ after every sentence they said. Our mothers smiled at us, kissed us on the forehead and answered our pestering questions. Our fathers taught us how to make paper aeroplanes. Our mothers and fathers took us for walks in the park to find these apparently fascinating squirrels. 

Yet we can’t answer them with decency and respect when they ask us a few more questions than we would like.

Since the day we were born, our mothers tended to our every need even when we cried our eyes out and they didn’t even know what we were crying for. They fed us when we were hungry, they played games with us, they sacrificed going anywhere to stay home with us.
Our fathers provided for us throughout our lives, taught us maths so we’d get good grades, listened to us go on about the new facts we learnt at school.

Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala says in the Quran:

“We have instructed man to honour his parents.” (29:8)

Let’s remember to give them the respect they deserve. To never give them a less than loving tone. To help them with anything and everything they need because even if we do this, we still wouldn’t come close to matching all that they’ve done for us.

I think the latest score is still —> Parents infinity ∞ – Kids 0 but we can try to please them and make them happy for as long we live InshAllah.

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Iqra (read) was the first word to be revealed for a reason.

Keep reading Quran. Keep reading books and anything beneficial =)

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Have you ever asked yourself – Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing? What is the point of life? 

I think everyone has had a time in their life when they’ve pondered about the purpose of life and what we’re all meant to be doing here. Unfortunately, some people start to get all sorts of different ideas. Some think life is all about getting rich, and ‘living the life’ as they put it. Well, then if that’s the case why aren’t all rich people happy? If that was the aim in life for all of mankind, then why don’t the people that reach it feel complete? And even if some do, what happens next? What becomes the purpose of life once you’re wealthy? And a more important question is – what’s the real point of being rich when you’re only going to leave this world at some point and leave all your wealth behind anyway?

There are probably hundreds of different theories of what people think the purpose of this life is. And sadly, millions of people live with no purpose at all, existing, rather than living.

Like Oscar Wilde once said ‘ To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all.’ 

But Alhamdulilah as Muslims, we know that we’re on this Earth as a test. We are in full submission to Allah (swt) and we try our best to follow the instructions we’ve been so blessed to be given in the Quran and the Sunnah. This way, we can live happy and purposeful lives. And when it is our time to go, we leave everything we have behind but take our deeds with us, which will InshAllah lead us to Jannah, completing our purpose here.

The point I’d like to make here is that it is important to regularly reflect on our purpose in this life and to keep it in check.

We live a fast-paced and busy life, with work, studies, family, and friends, not to mention the media blasting in our faces everywhere we look, telling us how to look and dress, what we should want and buy, distracting our minds constantly. It seems impossible to just stop everything for a minute and think.

We need to remember that this life is temporary; we’re only here for a short while so we shouldn’t get caught up in it, causing us to forget the whole point of it. As an example, the majority of people find university to be a few years of fun. You meet a bunch of new people, possibly your life-long friends, you join societies, sports teams, and you experience things you may not have the chance to later. It’s a blast!

But you also know that you’re only there for say ~ 3 years and the whole point of being there is to get your degree, so you make sure you study despite of all the distractions, activities and fun and you get the grades that you aimed for and you graduate. You acknowledged what you were at university for and you accomplished it.

Life is exactly the same thing. We’re here for a short time, an average of 70 years (although we have no idea when we will go, could be sooner, could be later) and then it’s bye-bye Earth, see ya never. We have families and other social relationships that we must keep; we build careers so we can earn money to put food on the table, we get married so we can share our life with someone. We have so many things that we have to do here, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that this is all for the Akhira.

 We have to make sure we are still working to gain Allah’s pleasure and aim to enter Jannah in the Afterlife InshAllah. And the beauty of Islam is that we can be pleasing Allah (swt) in everything we do, and in every aspect, making it the beautiful and complete religion that it is. In addition, when we life our life with purpose, we feel happy and at the end of the day, that’s what we all want in life isn’t it – to find happiness.

All we have to do is ensure that we have the intention of pleasing Allah (swt) in everything we do and that we are doing it for His sake and this is what I hope this whole site is all about. Making sure we’re on the right track with the right intentions and seeking Allah’s pleasure in all aspects of our life InshAllah.

Let’s pass the test of life and graduate together InshAllah.

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