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Our world is all about social networking now. From Hi5 and Myspace to Facebook and Twitter. Blogging on blogspot and wordpress and of course the video-world of Youtube!

They can take a huge amount of our time. You may decide to ‘quickly’ check what’s going on but before you know it, 3 hours have gone by!

You may not be wasting time on these websites per se, since you are reading Hadith reminders, and ayat from the Quran and forming bonds with fellow brothers and sisters in Islam which is all really great Alhamdulilah! But if all those hours are spent online then when are we acting on these tweets and facebook posts?

Ask yourself these questions?

  • How many hours do I spend on Facebook looking at friends’ profiles, the pictures and all the comments?
  • How many hours do I spend reading the profile of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and glancing over the comments about him?
  • How many hours do I spend reading words and quotes that people in the Twittersphere have posted in comparison to the hours spent reading Allah’s words that He posted to us for guidance in this life?
  • How many hours do I spend daily on all these different networking sites in comparison to how long I’ve spent with my family and my friends

Now there’s no harm in using these sites, as long as it is all halal and it’s amazing when we can learn new things on the go! But remember that time is valuable, it is what we can use to build our good deeds for the Akhira. So keep it all in moderation InshAllah.


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Our parents often ask us to ‘fix’ their Hotmail accounts, to help them understand what Writing on a Wall is and to explain what on earth Twitter is. We, feeling quite proud of ourselves in the process, take some of our time to sit down and help them. Seems like a sweet little scenario..

Until… They ask us something we’ve just explained a total of 5 seconds ago, or they ask something we think was so obvious, it didn’t even need mentioning. We start to answer them in a more agitated and condescending manner. Our frustration spikes through our words and we find ourselves wanting to rush through it so we can get on with our more important errands of the day. We try hard not to utter the word ‘Uff’ out loud but it runs through our minds a few hundred times.

But just like all kids, we were once curious and we asked A LOT of questions! About things like aeroplanes and squirrels. We’d badger them non-stop. We’d ask ‘but why?’ after every sentence they said. Our mothers smiled at us, kissed us on the forehead and answered our pestering questions. Our fathers taught us how to make paper aeroplanes. Our mothers and fathers took us for walks in the park to find these apparently fascinating squirrels. 

Yet we can’t answer them with decency and respect when they ask us a few more questions than we would like.

Since the day we were born, our mothers tended to our every need even when we cried our eyes out and they didn’t even know what we were crying for. They fed us when we were hungry, they played games with us, they sacrificed going anywhere to stay home with us.
Our fathers provided for us throughout our lives, taught us maths so we’d get good grades, listened to us go on about the new facts we learnt at school.

Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala says in the Quran:

“We have instructed man to honour his parents.” (29:8)

Let’s remember to give them the respect they deserve. To never give them a less than loving tone. To help them with anything and everything they need because even if we do this, we still wouldn’t come close to matching all that they’ve done for us.

I think the latest score is still —> Parents infinity ∞ – Kids 0 but we can try to please them and make them happy for as long we live InshAllah.

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”Verily, those who believe not in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so they wander about blindly.” (Quran 27:4)

Source: Tumblr

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Iqra (read) was the first word to be revealed for a reason.

Keep reading Quran. Keep reading books and anything beneficial =)

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How to Wake Up Early?

Common phrases I usually hear are:Oh my! 6am I could never wake that early, ‘I’m more of a night person’, ‘I want to wake up early but I end up staying online til 2am so of course I have to sleep in’, ‘I love my bed too much to leave it’. Let’s be honest, we’re probably all guilty of one of these phrases, if not all of them!

But haven’t you noticed that when you REALLY NEED to be awake early, say – for an interview for your dream job, or your A-Level exams, or to catch an early flight to Barbados, you will wake up early without fail? Whether you stayed up late or not? This is because you mentally noted that you HAVE to wake up or you’re in trouble. You had the drive and the motivation to wake up because otherwise you’d waste an opportunity to secure that job, you’d fail your A-Levels, and you’d either miss out on a sunny vay-kay in Barbados or have to fork up another few hundred quid for a later flight!

In fact, not only did you wake up, but you probably woke up a few times during the night, frantically checking the time, because you were so worried that you’d oversleep.

So why is it then when it comes to waking up for salat al-Fajr, we slack so much? And we don’t have the same drive to wake up in fear that we’ll miss it. Is Fajr not as important as our holiday?

Just because we don’t see a negative consequence immediately after missing Fajr, doesn’t mean we’re not failing to please our Creator (swt). Fajr should be our drive to wake up early, above all the other benefits mentioned in Part 1 of the Early Bird.

Let’s remind ourselves why Fajr is so important, in hope that it will drive us to wake up every day for Fajr without fail InshAllah:-

Fajr is mentioned in both the Quran and Hadith:-

In the Qur’an, Allah Most High says:

“So establish the Prayer after the declining of the sun [from its zenith, for Dhuhr and then Asr] to the dusk of night [Maghrib and then ‘Isha] and the [Quranic]recitation of Fajr [prayer].  Indeed, the [Quranic] recitation of Fajr is witnessed.” (Quran 17:78)

According to Al-Suyuti in his book Tafsir al-Jalalayn, the meaning of witnesses here refers to both the angels of the previous night and the new morning who listen to the Fajr prayer being recited due to its great status with Allah (swt).

For those who fear Hell, and those who want to work towards entering Jannah, the following two hadiths should help:

The Messenger of Allah (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) has said:

“Whoever performs the Prayer before the rising of the sun [Fajr] and before its setting [‘Asr], will not enter the Hell.” (Muslim)

“Whoever prays the two cooler prayer times (i.e., Fajr and `Asr) will enter Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

This is not to say that the other prayers aren’t obligatory, but to put emphasis on these two prayers, as these are the ones that people usually miss, because they are at difficult times of the day. Fajr requires waking up from deep sleep, and Asr is during time of work. It is unstated but clear that the one who prays these two prayers is praying all five salahs.

So, now we know we must get up for Fajr, let’s have a look at the different ways we can help ourselves to actually get up:

A Few Tips

Fighting off your worst enemy: Shaytaan is our worst enemy, he will try to stop us from doing any good deed, but the more we persist to beat him, the more reward we get, and the more we please Allah (swt) InshAllah.

In the morning, when Shaytaan tells you to snooze for only 5 more minutes, IGNORE. And rest assure that by getting out of bed straight away, you’ve beaten him! So you might as well kick him out of your room while you’re at it, do Wudhu’ and pray salat al-Fajr. That’ll teach him… (actually it won’t teach him, he’ll keep trying to mess with you any chance he gets! But it’s a good start.)

Click here to read a story about beating Shaytaan that we can learn from InshAllah.

Alarm: Place your Radio-alarm, iPhone, Blackberry or whatever device you use to wake yourself up at an UNREACHABLE distance from your bed. This way you have to get up to switch it off. And why not set your alarm tone to something other than that annoying jingle you hate so much, to something more comforting to the ear. The Quran or the Athan are good ideas, as they’ll remind the half-asleep you that it’s time to pray.

Get your family and friends involved:  Make it a fun challenge with your family and friends, to see who will be the first one to wake up and wake the others. PING! or call each other to help waking those who have snoozed automatically!

And the most obvious one –

SLEEP EARLY: My brother asked me what magic I use to get me up at 5am every morning. I told him it wasn’t magic, it was SLEEPING EARLY. If you sleep after the Isha prayer, which is recommended by our Prophet Muhammad (saw), then you will inevitably find it easier to wake up for Fajr. It might take time to get into the routine of sleeping by 10pm and waking up at 5am but slowly try and shift your bedtime earlier and it will become routine.

InshAllah you will have so much Baraka in your day when you’ve woken up early and prayed Fajr at its time, and made Duah. You will feel positive and can shine through the rest of the day!

'Wakey wakey! Rise and shining!

So rise and shine fellow Dynamic Muslims!

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