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As Muslims we should be more environmentally-conscious and care more about what we can do to conserve the Earth’s resources and respect what Allah (swt) created for us.

Although people are becoming more aware of environmental issues and their efforts have reduced them to some extent, forests are still being cut down at ridiculous rates, climate change still needs immediate action, a number of species are facing extinction, and a highly disturbing issue is that while many people waste water in some parts of the world, a huge portion of the world still doesn’t have safe water to drink!

 If you are reading this article, it means you have computer and internet access. That makes you within the 20% of the world’s population that consumes 80% of the Earth’s resources. Yes that’s huge and I’m not here to make you feel miserable but I do hope that it pushes us all to realize we must at least do our part in protecting the parts of the environment that we come to contact with on a daily basis. 

In my opinion, there are 2 extremes when it comes to ‘going green’. The first is completely disconnecting in the sense that all the energy used is from solar, wind and water from rain collection! Of course, if we all did that, we would certainly be sustaining the Earth’s resources but it isn’t easy and it isn’t something we are all on board with.

The second is hardly altering our lifestyle at all, claiming it’s becoming more green but in reality it isn’t much of a change at all.

As Muslims, we know that everything in our religion is encouraged in moderation. Islam is always the middle path. So let’s talk about what changes we can make that will make a difference InshAllah. 

At home

  • Dispose of toxic materials safely eg. bleach (check with your local municipality for details)
  • Improve insulation of your home – double glazed windows
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances (will help reduce your water bill too)
  • For you eager beavers – why not install a solar panel – in the long-run it will be more efficient and cheaper
  • Set up toilet-water saving device and low flow taps
Food and Water
  • Don’t leave taps running unnecessarily, the most common example of this is leaving the water running while you brush your teeth
  • Shorten your shower time everyday (hmm difficult one, but worth it when you’re doing it for the sake of Allah swt)  
  • Don’t throw food away. If there’s food leftover, eat it the following day. If it really isn’t something you can eat again then why not put it in the soil in your garden and let plants or animals benefit from it (not all foods of course as some will degrade slowly and inefficiently)
  • Find out if you have a food recycling system in your area, for your food waste. In the UK, there are now specific recycling bins for food which get picked up from your house on a weekly basis. You can throw orange peels and egg shells in this bin knowing that it will be recycled and used to benefit the environment
  • Buy locally grown foods to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons that were required to transport it to you
  • Recycle your plastics and cards – many communities have a weekly pick-up truck or a local recycle skip
Other Ideas
  • If you’re blessed to be living by the sea or ocean then why not set up a monthly beach clean-up. If you’re enthusiastic enough about it, I’m sure plenty others will join you too
  • Don’t litter. Might sound silly but there’s a reason why certain countries like Singapore are known to be super clean whilst others give off a dirty-vibe. Don’t throw things on the ground when you’re out and about just because there isn’t a bin nearby. Hold onto it until you do find one. Better yet, if you see something on the ground and you dispose of it, and move it out of people’s path, it’s reward for you InshAllah.

It might be a little overwhelming and I understand that some of these are difficult, so start off with a couple and slowly add more changes when you can. Over time InshAllah you will be actively contributing to the betterment of our environment and reducing the negative effects of our modern living. We should be able to sleep at night knowing that we have done everything in our ability for the environment.

I welcome any ideas and suggestions.  Allah knows best (swt) and May He make it easy for us.


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Health Tip Two: Water

We have to drink 8 glasses of water, yeah yeah, we’ve heard it a million times before. We’re quite bored of the same old tips regarding water. So instead, I’d like to note where water has been mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah.

And We have made from water every living thing. (Quran 21:30)

And We have given you to drink sweet water (Quran 77:27)

So yes water is the most abundant substance on Earth, as we’re around 3 quarters water ourselves and it fills the oceans and rivers of our planet.

We already know we need water to survive, it regulates our body temperature, makes our skin clearer and so on. But here are some functions of water that we don’t always read about in health books or sites:

  • Water is a lubricant found between joints as well as in our gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines)
  • Water moistens different body tissues like our eyes, nose and mouth
  • Water is found in the amniotic fluid surrounding the little foetus during pregnancy, having a protective role
  • Water is involved in several of the chemical reactions that go on in our bodies, an example being the breakdown and digestion of food
  • Water is the main component of all fluids in our bodies – blood, gastric juice, saliva and of course urine

SubhanAllah! And these are just a few of the many more reasons why we need water in our systems. No wonder we’re told to drink 8 glasses a day.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to drink it (water) in three sips, not exhaling into the cup, and said of this method – This is more healthful and better in quenching the thirst. (Muslim)

InshAllah we can implement this in our daily lives, to follow our Nabi Muhammad (saw) every time we drink water and gain reward in such a simple way.

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We don’t need to go on the latest diets and deprive ourselves of certain foods to maintain our weight, because eventually this will lead to cravings, binging and then gaining the weight again. The most obvious way to avoid gaining weight is to eat in moderation, which is exactly what the Quran tells us to do.

‘And eat and drink but do not waste by extravagance, certainly He (Allah) does not like those who waste by extravagance’ (Quran 7:31)

So we should eat what we like but not overdo it. In fact, Muhammad (saw) said:

‘No human fills a vessel worse than his own abdomen; a few bites are enough for man to keep his body upright, but if it is indispensable, then a third for his food, a third for his drink, and a third for his breath.’ (Tirmidhi)

Our stomachs should have equal thirds for food, water and air. We should only eat enough to keep us going, not until we feel full. Scientists have recently explained that the message sent from the stomach to the brain which gives us the feeling of satiety, actually takes 20 minutes to arrive. This is probably why we keep eating and then we realise we feel super bloated!  We’ve filled our stomachs with food and left no space for air. We should have stopped eating 20 minutes earlier.

Another point to make is that we tend to eat when we’re bored. I call it being ‘bungry’, we’re not really hungry, we’re only bored-hungry, and so we end up overeating. As a consequence, this overeating causes us to feel sick at times and certainly lazy. So not only is it bad for our health but also makes us sluggish, stopping us from performing our prayers well and other duties, hence we are advised to avoid this by eating in moderation. To combat this, we should keep ourselves busy achieving our personal goals, carrying out our Islamic duties, helping others and doing things we enjoy so we are not bored! 

Many nutritionists nowadays will tell you to eat just enough to give the body what it needs, as it will improve health and increase longevity according to their studies. An example is Patrick Holford in his book Optimum Nutrition Bible. There’s no harm in reading what nutritionists and scientists have to say about diets and health, but it is clear that the Quran and Hadith from our Prophet (saw) already have the health tips we’re looking for, and these researches are just backing it up Alhamdulilah.

Let’s follow these tips and stay healthy InshAllah!

Note: Some of these tips are inspired by the book – Healing Body and Soul by Amira Ayad.

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